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Meet the team

RHOCaR is made up of dozens of volunteers who freely donate their resources and time to the club. These people bring skills, advice, experience, friendship, vision, leadership and inspiration and without their efforts RHOCaR would not exist. 

Most of the hard work carried out within the club is done so behind the scenes and so in no particular order, we would like to take a moment to mention the different volunteer groups and thank them unreservedly on behalf of everyone who enjoys the club.       

The Committee (7 members)

Chairman; Richard Marsh

The Chairmans role is to lead the Committee to ensure they fulfil the tasks assigned and stay in alignment with the goals of the club. 
The Chairman is a signatory on the club mandate / cheque book and in the event of a tied vote within the Committee, the Chairman has the deciding vote. 

Club Secretary; Stuart Thomas 

The Secretarys role is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Committee and to actively lead Committee tasks. The Secretary ensures meetings are effectively organized and minuted, effective records are kept and the upholding of legal requirements of the club.
The Club Secretary is a signatory on the club mandate / cheque book. 

Treasurer; Becky Newlands 

The Treasurer is the main person responsible for the Club finances and keeping up-to-date financial records. 
The Treasurer is a signatory on the club mandate / cheque book. 

Membership Secretary; Chris Newlands

The Membership Secretary is responsible for the membership database and uploading this data to the forum, collecting subscriptions and issuing all new / renewed members with their membership packs to new members. 

Events Secretary; Phil Shelton 

The Events Secretary is responsible for the Clubs attendance to pre-organized and Club-organized events which involves; liaising with members and Event organizers, managing Event funds, publicizing Events within the club and ensuring a good appearance of the Clubs display.
​The Events Secretary is also responsible for (or organizing) transport of the club equipment to and from the various events and storage of the equipment in between events. 

Magazine Editor; Derek Overfield 

The Magazine Editor leads the magazine team in the production of the Boys in Hoods publication issued to all members every 3 months. This person assumes the lead and works closely with the Advertising Manager to include 3rd Party advertising within the publication and on the forum. 

Committee Member; Kerry Allen 

Committee Members actively support the Committee in all of the different goals they are trying to achieve. Committee Members offer the club a larger Managing Committee and from this comes a wider range of views, ideas opinions & solutions.

  • The Committee do not receive any discounts on Club merchandise, food, entry into events etc however they are offered free Membership to the club (i.e. the do not pay the annual membership fee).
  • Committee members have Moderator access on the Clubs forum; i.e. they can edit, lock, move, merge etc..posts that have been made by other forum users in line with the agreed forum moderating guidelines.
  • All Committee members are actively involved in discussions, decision making and appointing club tasks which primarily take place in a private Committee section within the Clubs online forum.

Honorary President 
The late & great Mark Bruce

This is an honorary role that is handed from Chairman to Chairman when standing down from the Committee after serving the club for at least 5 years.

Administration Team 

Rob Hemming, Rob Fisher and Simon Parish
This Admin team, affectionately referred to as the A-Team are members whom are primarily responsible for the clubs website / forum. Under the instruction of the Committee, they have the expertise to make alterations to the forum software, members online accounts, advertising banners etc.
The A-Team has full access to all areas of the online forum, and as such by default they are privy to all of the confidential Committee discussions which take place on the forum. Whilst the A-Team do not actively take part in these Committee discussions or votes, they are requested by the Committee to interject wherever necessary to offer their technical expertise.
As a thank you for all of their hard work, the A-Team receives free annual Membership to the club. 

Boys In Hoods Magazine Team 

Club Magazine Team; Derek Overfield, Emma Bruce, Nick Tullet 
Led by the Magazine Editor (Committee member), the Magazine Team produces the Club magazine for issues to all full members every 3 months. The team collects the articles from members within the club for inclusion within the magazine.
An electronic proof copy of the magazine is issued to the Committee for comments before sending to print.
Once printed, the Magazine team has the laborious task of putting magazines in envelopes and then affixing address labels / stamps before posting.

Advertising Manager 

Derek Overfield 

The Advertising Manager sources addition revenue for the Club by offering other companies Advertising space within the Club magazine and on the Clubs website / forum. The Advertising manager keeps financial records of the advertising revenue, payment due dates, advert sizes etc.and works closely with the Magazine team to ensure all relevant adverts are included within the magazine and the A-team to ensure adverts are included on the forum.

The Boys In Hoods Magazine team have their own section within the online forum to discuss magazine and advertising related matters. This section is can only be used by the Magazine team, Committee and also the A-Team (Admin has access to all online areas). 
In a show of appreciation of all their hard work, the Magazine team and Advertising Manager receives free annual Membership to the club. 

Area Secretary (currently consisting of around 14 Members)
Area Secretaries are set-up all across the country and represent the club in their surround area (i.e. West Midlands, South Yorkshire, Hants & Dorset etc.). The Area Secs are asked to organize a monthly social gatherings for their local members to encourage the continual growth of the club. 
Area Secs also proactively organize informal or formal RHOCaR events local to them, road trips and members attendance at locally organized shows. They can request from the Committee the use of clubs equipment for their area (i.e. BBQ, Banners, gazebos etc.) as well as applying for the use of the Clubs Liability Insurance when attending such shows. The Area Secs will upload the dates of all of their local events within the online club calendar.
Area Secretaries have their own section within the forum primarily for the use of open discussions between Secretaries from different areas and with the Committee. Access to this area is restricted to Area Secs, Committee and the A-Team. 
As a thank you for all of their hard work, the Area Secretaries receive free annual Membership to the club. 

Forum Moderators (consisting of 16 Members)
Moderators actively scan the Clubs online forum to ensure all users of the website comply with the Guidelines and Rules set out by the Committee. They have the power to edit, remove etc..posts made by any member of the Club. Moderators are expected to conduct themselves on the forum in a way the represents the club and are the role models for all Members to emulate.
Moderators have their own section within the Clubs forum to discuss matters between themselves. Access to this area is restricted to Moderators, Committee and the A-Team.
In a show of appreciation of all their hard work, Moderators receive free annual Membership to the club. 

Logistics Member 

Nick Tullet

The Events Secretary is supported by the Logistics Member. Nick kindly donates his time, garage space and vehicle to assist in the storage and transport of club equipment to and from events. In a show of appreciation, the logistic member is given free membership to the club.

Club Membership / Forum Users

Full Members (renewed annually)
Full Members of the club pay a membership and the Club Membership runs from Jan Dec. 
Benefits of becoming a RHOCaR Member are many and varied, but include;
Discounts available from numerous suppliers
In most cases, insurance discounts for their kit car
Club Magazine posted to them every 3 months
Members Only Section within the Club Forum
Have the facility to post for sale and wanted adverts on the forum.

Forum Community Users
Community Users are people who have signed up to use the RHOCaR forum and they contribute by posting in the areas which they have access to. They can also start new topics if they would like to share information or ask a question.
It is free to sign up as a Community User. 




All People who can view the Clubs forum but not contribute