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About RHOCaR

Welcome to the official website for the Robin Hood Owners Club and Register (RHOCaR). Myself, Richard Marsh,(Chairman), Stuart Thomas,(Secretary), Phil Shelton,(Events) Kerry Allen (Clothing), Derek Overfield (Magazine), Chris Newlands (Membership), Becky Newlands (Treasurer) run the Club on a voluntary basis. A network of national Area Secretaries, who also offer their services on a voluntary basis, supports us.
The aim of the club is to help and support members during the build and also to plan and organize a wide range of social and sporting events.We have stands at all of the major shows and many of our members attend the smaller shows all around the country. We also run a number of weekends for the members at venues such as the Lakes, Derbyshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors to name but a few. 
The Club aims to produce at up to four magazines a year, the content of which is provided by the members. It is packed with news, events, articles, technical features and irreverent cartoons. The Club is an independent organisation and has no direct ties with Great British Sports cars, however, we are conscious that without them, and Robin Hood before them, we would not exist, and for that are grateful.  Being an independent organisation does mean that we are free to express our opinions without censorship, other than that offered by the law!
The Club does not limit its membership solely to Robin Hood Owners like some other "Clubs" as we feel that it is a mentality rather than the fact that you own a Robin Hood that makes you a Hoody. Being a member of RHOCaR has many benefits above those already mentioned. Membership can, with the right insurance company, get a discount that is more than the membership fee itself. With a range of exclusive club clothing, mugs and key rings. You gain access to advertiser items in the for sale section on the web site. You gain a real sense of belonging to the club not just being a spectator. You get information on members in your area, and local meeting. All backed with support from your Area Secretaries. A useful members only section on the web site. With some suppliers offering members discounts.So come on think about it, if you aren't a member yet, why not? If you have ordered your kit but think you can't join until it is finished, think again.
There is a wealth of knowledge out there in the membership, and not all of it available on the Internet.If you want any more information feel free to drop me a personal message here http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showuser=8984 . If you would like a membership form I can email one to you or you can download the form from here http://www.rhocar.org/member/index.php/member/membership
Happy motoring and see you at the shows From the Chairman Richard Marsh.